ADA compliance is more important than ever when it comes to websites.

Ensuring your website is ADA compliant is not only important to avoid legal ramifications (ADA compliance related lawsuits are becoming more successful every day), but important to ensure anyone who needs to access your website can do so properly.
Not all businesses or organizations are required by law to be ADA compliant, but if you fall into any of the below categories it’s better to be safe than sorry:
  • State and local government
  • Public and private spaces
  • Employment

  • Building codes

  • Transportation

  • Telecommunication

  • Non-Profit – 501(c)3 businesses


Making your website ADA compliant is not too difficult. A lot of guidelines will most likely already be in place just by chance, and many adjustments will only take developers a short amount of time to implement.
However there are some guidelines that may be more difficult to implement, and could drastically alter your current website design. Some guidelines that are more challenging to accommodate include:
  • Text meeting a minimum contract ratio against the background

  • Websites being fully navigable by keyboard only, which typically includes things like skip navigation button and can require manually setting a tabindex across the site

  • Websites being fully navigable with screen reader software (which can be difficult to test); and

  • Websites being able to handle text being scaled up to 200% without causing horizontal scrolling or content-breaking layout issues.

If your website doesn’t already account for the aforementioned points, we can help make sure that it is or start the discussion about perhaps building a new website that meets all your needs and is ADA and GDPR compliant.
If you’re in need of an ADA compliant website, the professionals at The Media Council are ready to help. Drop us a line when you’re ready to guarantee your website is ADA compliant – we’re eager and ready to assist you and your organization to ensure your website is readily accessible for all users.